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60, Boulevard Vauban
CS 40109
59016 Lille


LL.M. in International & European Law facts

  • Duration 24 months

  • Minimum TOEFL 72

  • Minimum IELTS 6.0

Full Profile

The Program


  • LL.M. (Master1) in International & European Organisations - Bilingual French/English
  • LL.M. (Master 1) in International & European Business Law - Bilingual French/English
  • LL.M. (Master 1) in International & European Law - Fully in English


  • LL.M. (Master 2) in Human Rights, Security & Development - Bilingual French/English + Double Degree LL.M./Master 2 with the American Mississippi College of Law.
  • LL.M. (Master 2) in International & European Business & Competition Law - Bilingual French/English + Double Degree LL.M./Master 2 with the American Widener Law University

The University

- Lille Catholic University was founded in 1875
- A historic campus in the heart of Lille
- France's largest private university: more than 28,000 students
- An International University
- 1,860 international students from 88 countries
- 350 international partner universities
- 1,300 students abroad every year participating in a student exchange programme
- 1,600 students abroad every year for internships/ placements
- Masters in English (Business, Law, Engineering)
- European summer programs in English
- A multidisciplinary University:

Fields of study:

- Law/Economics/Business and Management
- Science and Technology
- Arts/Humanities/Theology and Religious Studies
- Health and Social Work

Structure of the Facultés de l'Université Catholique de Lille:

- 5 faculties
- Almost 7200 students
- 60 courses from bachelor degree to master
- 82% success rate for the first bachelor degree
- 87% employment rate (6 months after the master 2)
- 80 student clubs-association
- 138 Erasmus+ partners

The Law School

The International and European Law School (IELS) is a department of the Faculty encompassing all teaching and research activities oriented towards international law, European law and comparative law, in several languages, on the two Campuses of Lille and Paris.

This department is remarkable for its multilingual and multicultural nature, and its innovative, interactive and practical teaching style. The teaching staff is made up of teachers and practitioners from all over the world, who teach students with different ways of thinking
and constructing their legal reasoning. The aim is to create legal practitioners who are «stakeholders» in their education, not just passive recipients of learning, and who are
able to export their skills, making their academic and professional mobility a real asset.

The Faculty

2 CAMPUSES: LILLE (since 1993) and PARIS (since 2009)
1 AIM: to train you in your future career and guarantee the highest level of employability

To study at the Faculté de Droit is to join a centre of excellence and high standards, where students benefi t from the best possible working conditions to pave the way for success. For 20 years, it has developed its own learning model, relying on a teaching and administrative team mobilised to create new packages and courses to meet the needs of the legal jobs market. Students receive individual support to help create a sociable, studious atmosphere and guarantee the best possible chance of success in their law studies.

Entry Requirements

- LLB in Law
- B2 Level in French and English

Application Procedure

For international students please contact the campus france of your country.  You must register on campus france in order to be able to apply for our university. 

All Students must submit an application form with the following requirements:
- a cover letter in English
- 2 photos (3,5cm x 4.5cm)
- Bank transfert of 80 euros payable to http://inscription.icl-lille.fr to cover administrative fees

For the LLM:
- CV
- Copy of A-level and undergraduate degree transcript
- Proof of profeciency in French (for International students level B2), and in English
- Any report of paper related to the prepared degree

Applicants are likely to be invited for an interview

Tuition and Fees

Adjustable according to family income (for an assessment, click on the link: http://inscription.icl-lille.fr)

Average tuition fees LL.M: 2 550 euros - 8160 euros per year

Financial Aid


Students may be entitled to national higher education grants. The application dossier must be passed on by the establishment of secondary education attended by the candidate, or a request must be made to the CROUS (Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires - students' representative body).
To help finance their studies, the student may be entitled to financial aid, grants
and loans from the University, foundations, banking partners.

Reception of the university:
Tel: 03 20 13 40 00

More information on our website: http://www.faculte-libre-de-droit-lille.fr/inscriptions/frais-de-scolarite-et-aides-financieres/aides-financieres-et-bourses.html


We have two campuses:

Faculté de Droit - Lille
60 boulevard Vauban - BP 109 - 59016 LILLE Cedex
mail: fld@univ-catholille.fr - web: www.fld-lille.fr

Faculté de Droit - Paris
35 rue Gabriel Péri 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux
mail: fld@univ-catholille.fr - web: www.fld-paris.fr


Preparing your arrival at the FLD

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation: In a Lille Catholic University Residence Hall

Contact : A.E.U. (Association d'Entraide Universitaire)
The housing office (AEU) is situated 47 Boulevard Vauban (2nd floor) - 59800 Lille
E-mail: logement@aeu.asso.fr - Tel: +33 (0)3 20 15 97 78
All the housing information and the housing application are on line: www.aeu.asso.fr

Important: These student residences enable you to receive a rent allowance - A.L.S. (Allocation Logement Social) if you stay more than 3 months in the same accommodation. For further information: www.aeu.asso.fr

University Restaurants:
Outside campus: the restaurant list is available on www.crous-lille.fr
On campus: "Le Meurein". It is situated at 125 rue Meurein. A typical meal includes a starter, main course and a dessert for 2.90 Euros (cost in 2009/2010). For further information: www.aeu.asso.fr

Student Life

The Faculty is not only a place of learning, it is also a place to live! Students are subjected to pressure by the requirement of regular studies. To help them accept and withstand this pressure, the BDE and associations build a student life, to entertain, to create a sense of belonging, make them want to go further, in short, live the Faculté Libre de Droit daily.
Parties, but also a shop in the colors of FLD, a weekend of integration, a ski trip, video animations, various initiatives, the Gala and maintenance of home students are all missions, added to those of other associations as BDS.

The BDE changes, it evolves and develops, both internally and externally to be more ambitious than ever and respond to your needs and desires.

Summer Program

The European Summer Program is a four weeks training course for international students who want to discover Europe and learn how to speak French.
It takes place in June and July each year, in the North of France (UCL). Students follow classes in French and chose an option in the afternoon, taught in English.

The ESP is an academic program that allows students to transfer credits in their university of origin.

The program is designed as a real « package », including courses (French and options in English), trips in the Northern region of France and some large European cities, housing on campus, and reception at the train station.

Since 2001, the ESP allowed hundreds of students to come study in France, discover the French culture and language, and meet students from all over the world.

Programs at Université Catholique de Lille


English, French
24 months
European Law (multi-lingual)
International & European Business Law
International & European Law (English)
International & European Public Law

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