A short list of 18 upcoming deadlines in or around April 2008

Below is a short list of some of the upcoming application deadlines for LL.M. programs in or around April 2008:

March 28
Peking University

March 31
EMLE Programme (European students)

April 1
NYU (for applicants with domestic credentials)
University of Minnesota
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Trinity College Dublin
University of San Francisco (USF)
Leiden University

April 11
Chinese University of Hong Kong (second round)

April 15
Boston University (Intellectual Property & American Law)
Chapman University (Taxation LL.M.)
Tilburg University (non-European applicants requiring a visa)

April 21
Santa Clara University

April 30
University of London, Queen Mary (recommended)
Vanderbilt University
Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC)

May 1
University of Maastricht

For more information about the programs mentioned, please follow the links below.


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