Hi everyone,

I just submitted my application to the NYU Tax LLM and will submit my application to the Columbia LLM in a few days. I just wanted to get your opinion on whether I will be able to secure admission to any of those programs (2020 Fall).

I graduated from a 3rd tier Spanish university in 2014 (my hometown university as I didnt have money to study elsewhere). I enrolled in a double major degree which granted me a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Business Administration (program length was 6 years). I graduated with an average score of around 8.4 out of 10 (by using https://www.scholaro.com/gpa-calculator/ it seems that my cumulative LLB GPA would be 3.57).

I then worked at a big four firm in Spain (in tax) for two years while doing a part-time Tax LLM at a top5 university in Spain, with a cumulative GPA of 3.84 (8.99 out of 10). After that, I worked for another 2 year period in Spain at one of the top3 largest law firms in the world as a tax lawyer, and then I moved to another big four in Qatar, where I am a manager in the international tax department.

I got a 111 score in TOEFL ibt and also have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3 (Noken 3, intermediate level).

Considering the above, do you think I have little, average or high chances to be admitted to any of the LLMs I just mentioned?

Many thanks

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