I think you should have picked NYU. For one thing, you would be in NYC, the capital of the world and international commerce. I am not sure what you intend to specialize in, and how much faith you put in rankings, but NYU is ranked higher than Harvard for both international law as well as tax law. In fact, NYU is ranked #1 in both. And as far as the name is concerned, when it comes to their law school, NYU's name is just as strong as Harvard's both at home as well as abroad. Not to mention that you received a "generous" scholarship from NYU. Then again, Harvard is Harvard. Although, I still think that NYU is better, and has a slight edge over Harvard. And also, as I said, although Boston is a great city, there is nothing like NYC. The internship opportunities in NYC are limitless. Anyway, that is some food for thought. You can always change your mind. I doubt that you'll hurt Harvard's feelings....=)