I possess two LL.M. degrees (Tax/NYU and Environmental Law/Vermont Law School). When I obtained these degrees and my J.D., none of the 3 law schools offered any courses (neverthess programs or degrees) in MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT LAW. In more recent years, Music and Entertainment Law is becoming a newer, recognized speciality ... academically and in the practice of law. Researching such academic programs is what brought me to LLM GUIDE. However, I am not seeing too much here on this, and what is here seems spread out. MY REQUEST (reason for this blog): Lets get dialogue going here to try and pull together here whatever cumulative info we have and can find on MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT LAW. QUESTIONS TO ADDRESS include: 1. In J.D. Programs ... how many courses are offered at what law schools in MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT LAW (aside from copyright law courses [which I would see as just "related" and not music or entertainment law per se.] 2. What law schools offer an "emphasis" or "concentration" or "certificate" in MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT LAW. 3. Which schools are offeing LL.M. Degrees in Music/Entertainment Law? 4. What does anyone know about the QUALITY of the Music/Entertainment Law programs of any law schools offering it. 5. While it has been observed that Southwestern Law School (Ca.) does not rank high for its J.D. program in general, I wonder how strong its Music/Entertainment program is, since it is located near the entertainment center of US and since they have obviously put a lot into trying to develope a good music/entertainment law program? THANKS to all who contribute to this. I am not seeking this info for myself but trying to offer some guidance and help to others interested in pursuing Music/Entertainment law careers. ROB