Hello everyone!!

First and foremost, I really hope everybody is alright and safe due to the uncertain times that we live in.

I received a reply in February from the Graduate Admissions Office stating that my application is rejected because the Committee found that my English language test scores were below the required minimum to be considered for admission.

However, the Committee informed me that if I took the test again and achieved the required score before early June, my application would be resubmitted for consideration for 2020 entry.

I was wondering if anyone else has received the same response or even knows if this reply is a type of conditional offer on behalf of the university, in the sense that if I indeed achieve the respective score and provide the Committee with the official score report on time, the Committee will offer me admission.

The truth is that given the current circumstances and the COVID - 19 outbreak, I am not sure if attending NYU is the right choice right now.

Thank you all very much in advance.