Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well.

I just received an email from NU to schedule the online interview next week. I am super happy! However, I have no idea what to expect on that day and thought I might not be the only one in this case. Thus, we could help each other to prep this interview! 1f642

For what I have heard from now, the usual questions are :

- Why NU?

- Which part of your application do you want the committee to focus on?

- and 2 responses must be written !

Does anyone know what types of questions are asked for the written answers?

What others questions should we expect?

Do we have a specific time to response?

Btw, I can see that some students have already been accepted, congrats to all of you !! 1f44d I hope you that you can help us to prep this interview!!

Thanks all

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