Hello everyone,

I am going to pursue my LLM in International Law. After receiving acceptances from Cambridge, LSE, Edinburgh, Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters program, Berkeley, Virginia, UCLA, NYU, and Georgetown, I have narrowed my choices down to Georgetown and NYU. which has no associated funding but has a lot of other benefits. I also received a scholarship of $40k from UCLA but for my particular specialization, NYU is at rank 1, Georgetown is at 5 and UCLA is at 15. NYU and UCLA are affordable for me but Georgetown is not.

I also have a work experience of two years and after graduation, I would like to work at an International Organization.

Any advice on where I should go would be very much appreciated. I am currently leaning towards NYU and Georgetown but I am wondering if the scholarship of $40k is enough to make UCLA a better choice.

Thanks in advance!

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