I am a Juris Doctorate graduate of the University of Houston - Law Center. While I was not enrolled in the LLM Program for Health Law, I had the privilege of taking one of the courses offered as part of the LLM Health Law curriculum. I write the present review, wholeheartedly endorsing said LLM program

The class I took, Comparative Health Law, was led by Prof. Alfonso Lopez de la Osa Escribano, a Spanish scholar who is one of the world's premier international thought leaders in the area of comparative health law. The class was excellent, in many respects. Amongst the most defining qualities of the class was that Prof. Lopez, through his extensive connections with the Houston Medical Center, arranged for world-class leaders in Healthcare policy and law to present before our class. This opportunity, within the context of an intimate class setting, allowed us to network with Houston's premier legal practitioners and policy makers. While I ultimately decided to practice another area of law, I can attest to the fact that many of my classmates have gone on to work for some of Houston's premier medical institutions.

It is from this perspective that I would wholeheartedly endorse the LLM in Health Law offered by the University of Houston, as it not only prepares graduates with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to enter the field, but also provides invaluable networking opportunities.