Hello everyone,

I'm a Lebanese lawyer and Fullbright nominee interested in doing a LLM in Energy Law or International Resources. As a Fullbright nominee, I have to apply to 4 universities in the USA, and I'm having a hard time making a choice. I would also like to live in a nice college town and experience the cultural aspect of being a foreign student in the USA.

Do you have any recommendations? My choices so far are:
- Stanford University, Environmental Law & Policy
- University of Berkeley, California (with a Certificate of Specialization in Energy and Clean Technology Law)
- University of Texas, Global Energy, International Arbitration & Environmental Law
- NYU, Environmental Law
- George Washington University, Energy and Environmental Law

Would it be better to do a general LLM degree with courses in Energy law or apply to Energy and Environmental Law programs?

I was also recommended the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Tulane.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I have a TOEFL score of 115/120 and took classes in legal English, so there is no concern about the language barrier.