Hey everyone,

I am searching for advice concerning LLM Tax Programs and the application process. I am a 3L at a T3 school (top 50% of the class). In addition, I have an MBA in Taxation (graduated with a 3.8 GPA). I have taken every tax course that my school has offered and have a "B" average in these courses. Finally, I do not have much work experience in the tax field.

I was wondering what the chances are that I can get admitted to a respected LLM tax program. I know that the top schools like NYU, GU and Florida are out, but maybe Northwestern or BU? I saw Villanova has a tax program (i'm orginally from Philly) and I was wondering if their program was well known.

Also would sitting for the CPA exam help my admission chances? Sorry for all the questions but I am very lost in regards to the admission process for tax programs. Your response would be greatly appreciated.