Hello all!

I'm currently a JAG in the military and plan on separating in spring 2025 to transition to the civilian side to gain better geographic stability and explore other job opportunities. I'm debating between applying immediately upon separation for a federal government national security job (CIA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI, etc.), or using my post-9/11 GI bill to pay for an LLM - most logical program would be National Security at Georgetown or George Washington, though I really enjoy the bio/medical/health areas of legal practice. The jobs I'm currently looking at don't require an LLM, though my understanding is an LLM may make me more "marketable." I'm conflicted - I won't meet the requirements to transfer my GI bill to my dependents, so it's essentially "use or lose" for me. An LLM makes the most logical sense for using the GI bill. Using the GI bill, I should be able to cover most of my tuition, and all of my housing and other expenses; I have no issues paying any difference out of pocket. However, if there's no perceived benefit to possessing an LLM when applying to US-based federal government positions, I'd rather apply to jobs immediately and not take a year off to acquire an LLM.

I know this is a very broad question. Has anyone found possessing an LLM does give a federal government position applicant an advantage? Has anyone had any similar experience, and if so, what would you advise? Any others with insight?

Thank you in advance, all!

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