Hi everyone,

I'm considering applying for Harvard Law School's LLM program. I have an LLB from a European country and will be starting a two-year master's program in October. My plan is to complete the first year of the master's program, then potentially attend HLS, and return to finish the second year of the master's afterward.

I’m wondering if applying with just an LLB would be sufficient. According to their website, "To be considered for the LL.M. program, an applicant must have a J.D. (Juris Doctor) from an ABA-approved U.S. law school or a first law degree (J.D., LL.B. or the equivalent) from a foreign law school." This suggests that an LLB is adequate.

However, they also mention: "While we do not require work experience, we generally find that applicants who have had at least two years of work experience or further study beyond law school have a better sense of what they hope to accomplish during the LL.M. program. As a result, they often are able to submit stronger applications, and those who end up enrolling in the LL.M. program often find that their experience makes it easier for them to select courses and identify research topics, and in general get more out of their LL.M. year."

Do you think it’s possible to secure a place with a really strong application as an LLB student? Has anyone been admitted with just an LLB?

Looking forward to your thoughts.