Hello everyone,

I am a BA.LLB (Hons) Graduate from a national law university in India and will be working in a tax law firm here. I wish to apply for an LLM in the T-14 law schools (UC Berkeley, UCLA, Stanford, University of Chicago, Columbia) after 2-3 years of work experience. I have a somewhat above-average GPA in law school with some average achievements, which I wish to compensate with my work experience before applying. I shall be applying for specializations specific to tax, technology law, or entertainment and media law- depending on the University and location. I want to know about employment opportunities in the USA after the LLM from such universities. Particularly in law firms and companies.
PS: I do know that JD candidates have a better edge in securing employments, I only wish to know if there are actually opportunities available for LLM graduates and how difficult are they.

All responses shall be very valuable. Thanks!