Hi everyone,

I recently finished my LLB of Civil Law at University of Sherbrooke, a french university in Quebec in 2008 with a GPA of roughly 2.7 (B-) and am currently undertaking a one year Common Law DESS program giving me access to all Canadian Common Law jursidictions Bar Schools as well as the New York State Bar School. I'll be finishing this semester with a GPA of 3.5 (A-) and will be writing my NY State Bar in the summer 0f 2010, as well as interning for a bank in Paris for the summer in the Legal Dpt. My question to you all is whether or not I have any chances of gettinng into any foreign LLM programs. I've been looking at GW for a while now and will be sending out my application in the next week. I'm also looking at AU, Vanderbilt, Fordham, BU and Northwestern.

I'm currently working on my applications, getting my documents together and am kinda freaking out since it is fairly time consuming and I'm afraid it won't pay off in the end! I do have some work experience, but not much, since I'm only 22, but I have done a semester abroad in Montpellier, have community service as well as a wide array of extra curricular activites under my belt, and my dream is to one day work in the field of International Law, more precisely in the field of Diplomacy.

Can anyone out there who's applied and knows what getting into an LLM program entails give me any insight?

Thank you so much!


P.S. I scored a 116 on the internet based TOEFL (I'm perfectly bilingual so no problems with language)