I have some offers with deadlines of either March 31 or April 1st (Category A) and a new set of offers with deadline dates after April 1st (Category B). I've requested deferment in both categories.

I have heard back from the schools in Category A which will allow me to defer (all of them have), but have not heard back from those schools in Category B (on the question of deferral).

There is a timing issue: the Category A schools need my answer this week and I have not received a response on the deferral requests from Category B.

*Note that the categories do not denote school quality. The denote the timing deadlines only. Assume all offers are equal. I have to defer as circumstances changed. All category B schools have been informed of these deadlines.

Advice on how to proceed?

-Ask Category A schools to extend deadlines? Be upfront and truthful? (I'm thinking this)
-Accept an offer from Category A and then decide when Category B answers (knowing that I will lose a deposit and likely burn a bridge)?
-Call back Category B schools and press for the answer?