Hi everyone,

I am a lawyer (trainee) with almost two years of experience and I am currently looking forward applying for an LLM in the US. I hold a bachelor (with honours), a master (with honours and high honours for the last year) and an advanced master in information and communication technologies law (ITC, also with high honours). I also went to Scotland for an Erasmus (University of Aberdeen).

On the professional plan, I am part of the dispute resolution (mainly) and the digital finance (banking and financial law regulatory) teams of my law firm. All my end-of-study papers have been proposed to publication. I published a substantial article in a renowned review and another one should be published in a commerative book on technology law. Furthermore, I have chances to be appointed as teaching assistant in a university.

The goal would be to apply for an LLM which would be the continuation of my advanced master. The universities of Berkeley and Stanford (for the life, science and technology master), even if they are pricey, appear to be the best choice.

Considering the foregoing, could some of you tell me if I have chances to be accepeted in these universities or any other universities? What about a scholarship? Could my profile be taken on (I saved money but it will definitely not be enough)?

To be as complete as possible, I have to see whether or not I stay afterwards at the bar or if I follow my carreer in the private sector. I would like to continue writing in these matters, a PHD being considered.

In advance, thank you very much for your time and your help. :-)

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