I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help me, but I thought it was worth a shot. Basically I'm looking at an LLM at a T14 in the USA. I'm British and have:

LLB from a top-15 law school (UEA) at 2.1 (64.76%) which is a 3.5 GPA according to my transcript and scholar.com, 3.3 according to Fullbright and 3.3-3.6 variously on other British University comparitors.

Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from NTU at Outstanding (80%) which is 3.8 GPA but is soon to be 'topped up' to an LLM. I haven't received the grades for the top up yet, but even if I were to scrape a pass it would be a 3.5 according to scholaro.com, and still be a Distinction (70%) overall.

Various mooting semi-finals, pro bono work and professional experience including writing for one of the biggest online criminal law practitioner texts.

I mentioned Berkeley and Cornell simply because my girlfriend happens to be from California (Berkeley) and is a food science student who informs me Cornell has a good food science school. I am absolutely open to other schools. I tend towards a T14 because I don't know whether the plan is to return to the UK or to stay in the USA and pursue a career in CA (I can take the Bar there after the LLM) or go for a full JD (either transferring from the LLM or additional to it).

Hopefully that covers everything but of course feel free to ask anything. Hopefully someone can help! I dont want to chase something unrealistic

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