Hey, guys!!

I am getting ready to apply for Fall 2022 and I have a couple of schools in mind, but I'm mostly focused on BU and Georgetown (I'm applying to a few T14 schools too, but I'm trying to be realistic lol). I do need some financial aid, so a partial scholarship would be a huge plus.

My credentials are

TOEFL: 112 (30, 27, 28, 27)
I don't know what my GPA would be, but my general average from Law School is 7.96/10.
4 yrs of internship experience (2 different internships).
2 years of work experience as a Tax Consultant at a Big4 (where I currently work).
Volunteer experience as an ESL teacher.
No published articles.

Anyone with similar credentials got scholarships? Do I have a chance?

Thank you in advance :)

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