Dear everyone,

I am planning to apply for LLM Program commencing in Fall 2022. I hope I will receive feedback about my profile whether I have any chance to be admitted. Let me introduce myself, including my legal knowledge and experiences.

I come from Vietnam. I experienced and gained knowledge from both civil and common law systems.

For my degrees, I achieved my Bachelor's degree (hons in International Development) at a top university in Canada although my GPA was not good enough (around 3.3 to 3.4). My sister's leukemia has influenced me much; however, I still try to do anything to achieve my goal while taking care of her. Then I gained my Master's degree (MSc) in Political Science at University of London (I got Merit). Then I has just received my law degree from BPP University (the UK) with a grade of commendation (64% to 65%). It is important to note that I achieved my law degree full time by choosing online method while keeping my lecturing job owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. In September 2021, I will begin my bar study at City University of London and expect to be called to bar (England and Wales) in July 2022.

For my legal experiences, I am a lecturer at Vietnam National University. I teach International Law, International Relations and Political Science (since 2017). Also, I am a research fellow at a strategic center that produces analysis reports on South China Sea, employing international law approach (since 2018). Further, I used to be a legal research fellow for Government of Vietnam in two years (2020-2021). Recently, I was a legal intern at International Bar Association (London office) for four months. During my first law degree in London, I joined several pro-bono projects (around 140 hours) and several short-term legal internships for law firms at London. At the moment, I am a fellow working on a project relating to human rights and environment law that will be delivered at COP26. I have also several publications on International Law and Political Science. 

From your experiences, whether I have any chance to receive offers from Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Chicago and Penn. All feedback is appreciated.

Please take care and stay safe during this challenging time.

Best regards.

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