Hi, I'm attending my final year of LLB at University of London (Int Prgm). I'm very much eager to join for an LLM in UK. Since London Colleges (e.g. KCL, UCL, LSE) are a bit expensive for me as well as the living cost is much higher in London compared to the other cities, I would like to do an LLM from outside of London. In that case, my choices are Warwick (Int. Corporate Governance and Fin. Regulations), Leeds (Int. Corporate Law), Bristol (Int. Commercial Law) as I'm interested to go into corporate practice in future.

I would like to hear opinions from people regarding the quality of these programme as well as the career prospect from a employer's point of view.

Do UK top notch Corporate Law firms give value of these programmes ? And will it be a good strategy to do an LLM in Corporate Law from one of these Universities in order to secure a Training Contract from a very reputed Law firm ?

Thanks !

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