Hi everyone! I'm an LSE LLM offer holder for the 2023-24 session and a foreign qualified lawyer with 3 years of work experience in energy + infra law, looking for inputs from current or former students.

I hope to use my LLM degree as a segue into technology policy in the UK. While I understand that the obvious way to approach careers in this space is by looking up vacancies / networking with professionals in this space, I want to understand if:

(i) LSE Careers / Law Society can potentially provide opportunities to transition into tech policy;
(ii) Whether LSE Law professors (enthusiastically) offer assistantship/other part-time positions to LLM students that can help develop some skills in their specific subjects, and the best way to land these positions; and
(iii) Whether technology policy is an active and upward looking sector in the current UK economy.

Inputs on any of the above would be greatly appreciated! :)