There is not a lot of threads about housing/accommodation in London, so I`ll start one. Do you have experience with offers of student accommodation from the universities in London? How the allocation works in practice? If so, it would be much appreciated if you would share your thoughts. I`m especially after the chances of receiving offers of housing from QMUL/LSE/KCL/UCL, but other experiences are also welcome, since other readers might find it helpful. Would be nice if you also stated if you were an International or Home Student/EU when relevant.

Background: The universities do have information pages about Student Housing, applications and eligibility. But there is usually no guarantee of housing, and I`m trying to make (more or less) qualified guesses about the probability of actually being able to live in London before applying for LLM programs. There is not much point in receiving an offer for a program if I can`t afford to live in the city.

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