Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has a list of LLMs, either focussed in the area of Human Rights or Intentional Law, that commence in January/February 2018. Any universities located outside of the UK are also welcome. So far I know of the following programme:

1. Leiden University - Master of Laws in Public International Law
2. University of Amsterdam - International and European Law: Public International Law
3. University of Aberdeen - LLM in Human Rights and Criminal Justice
4. Brussels School of International Studies - LLM in Human Rights Law or LLM in International Law
5. University of Dundee - LLM International Law and Security
6. University College Dublin - LLM in International Human Rights

Although my priority is to start an LLM in September/October (ideally at the University of Essex for an LLM International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law or at Leiden University for a Master of Laws in Advanced Studies in Public International Law with a Specialisation in Peace, Justice and Development), for personal circumstances I might have to delay my return to academia by a few months and I want to explore what options are available to be in this regard.

Hopeful of any replies!