Hey everyone,

I am currently enrolled in a German law programme but I am not planning to graduate in Germany.
Instead I want to sign up either for the LLM prorgamme at NUI Galway. ( and yes that's possible without a law degree under special circumnstances)

Another alternative for me would be a regular masters programme in Switzerland.

Now to my questions:

1. Since I haven't graduated yet, are there even any job opportunities for people who are holding an LLM degree, only (meaning without a bachelor's of law or equivalent) ?
I heard that LLM is mostly seen as an additional degree/update to prior law degrees.

I also have to mention, that I am NOT particularly looking for a job as a lawyer or in a law firm.
I'm just wondering if companies/employers acknowledge the LLM as a regular master's degree.

2. Is it possible to say which degree is "better" regarding the job market; Swiss or Irish masters of law ?

I am also not thinking of working in a specific country, even though I'd prefer a German or English speaking country (within Europe or America).

Thank you in advance!