I have an undergraduate law degree from a pretty decent college in India. I am contemplating re-educating in another first world jurisdiction, primarily for the following reasons -

1) Job opportunities: I will have a better shot at jobs with a traditional LLB than an LLM or anything else in the UK or EU. From what I have heard, the legal job market in the UK is very saturated and it is not possible for foreign grads with just LLMs to break into it so easily. What is the process to become a barrister/solicitor for someone with an accelerated LLB? Does it really give an edge? Please comment with your insights.

2) Academic opportunities: I am considering Uni of Aberdeen, Kent, Edinburgh, etc. Is there a list of ranks for these Unis or something? How do I zero in on a college/uni? Will I be considered for a BCL at Oxford at the end of this course based on the marks I score in this alone? Basically, what I am wondering is whether the marks I score in this course alone will suffice me for applying to masters and other post graduate courses.

3) Cost effectiveness and visa longevity: Accelerated LLB courses in the UK are far cheaper than their equivalents in the US or the full ones in Canada. Plus, getting employment and visas is easier in the UK than the US, from what I have heard. Given the whole unpredictability of the times that we live in, UK seems to be a safer bet, than say, the US or Australia.

tl;dr - wanna do an accelerated LLB in the UK, what are career/academic prospects and how to pick college. thanks.

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