I have a strong interest in human rights and conflict. On the one hand I want to obtain the necessary legal qualifications but I also desire a more holistic understand (e.g. why gross HR violations occur). In that regard, I have three questions:

1. How do MAs stack up against LLMs? What are the career prospects in the law field and those outside (e.g. analyst)? e.g. Human rights in Edinburgh vs Human rights in theory and practice at Sciences Po.

2. What Master's programs can you recommend in the field? I am considering the LLM ones by the Geneva Academy, Edinburg, NUI Galway, or Essex and the MAs by Science Po, KCL, SOAS, or Oslo.

3. How smart is it to specialize so "early"? Should I rather consider doing a LLM in public international law?

I do not have an LLB but will rather obtain a BA, so some programs are unfortunately off the table.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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