Hey guys,
I am planning to apply for my LLM for the 2016-2017 batch at LSE/UCL/Queen Mary. As the applications are soon going to be open, I just wanted some help in figuring out my chances of getting into these universities.

My area of interest is WTO studies with special focus on anti-trust/competition law. LSE has a course which covers both these aspects, but I don't think so I'll be able to match up with their grade requirements.

I have 61% overall (which is considered first-class in my university) but LSE requires 65% as their minimum requirement. But apart from my grades, I have a good CV. I have a post graduate diploma in International Trade law and I'm presently interning under a Supreme Court justice. I also have 5 publications to my name.

Do you think that grades would be the only criteria to judge an application? Also, if not LSE (which is my first priority, due to its reputation in my home country) what are my chances in UCL or Queen Mary?