Hi there,

I was wondering what you guys care more about when it comes to choosing your LLM. I am a Danish law student who took my bachelor in Denmark and as a part of my Danish Master's degree, I am taking an LLM in the UK.

I have a high interest for a mix of Corporate and Finance law, and therefore the courses at LSE and King's generally seem more interesting for me than the courses at Cambridge. On the other hand I'd really love to experience the collegiate life at Cambridge, as I'm not only taking my LLM for the courses. I have a feeling, that the social life in such a collegiate would be incomparable to the student life at a college like King's or LSE.

Has anybody had the same thoughts? Campus life vs. more interesting courses? What weighs more? Or is there rich opportunity to engage in social arrangements at colleges like LSE and King's to the same degree, as there would be at a university like Cambridge?

Cheers for any answers!

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