dear all,

my name is golda and i come from indonesia. well, currently i've been accepted to 2 well-known universities far i know, which is oil and gas law in aberdeen university and business, corporate and maratime law (bcml) in erasmus rotterdam .

up to now, i havent been able to make decisions between those two programme..previously, i was so interested in oil n gas law, nonetheless by the time going there are some rumors saying that oil and gas industry is kinda "sunset business" nowadays..and also the field that would be able to me will be so limited, only the oil and gas company itself. then i think it will be better for me to take bcml programme, besides it sounds wider and more common so that it'll be easier for me get any kind of job.

oh ya..not to mention aberdeen looks so pretty by the pictures i've seen in the internet..;)

mmhh.. I still can not decide where am i standing at this board i hope we can discuss this matter and surely it will help me to decide which best either for present or future..