Hi guys! As many of you I am applying for an LL.M. However, my biggest concern at the moment is my TOEFL score. I got 99 (27R 25L 22S 25W)

Do you think I can get into a top 5 law school? My resume is good. My English proficiency could be a big issue though. I think it could ruin my chances.

I was thinking of asking for a rescore. Has anyone of you experienced it before?

Since I am taking an internship in NYC very soon and my English should most likely improve, do you know if I could update my score result later in January or February?

One more question regarding LSAC.
It is mandatory to indicate the number of times TOEFL/IELTS taken. Do you know whether the report submitted by LSAC will include this information or the only official score sent by ETS to LSAC?
I am afraid retaking TOEFL might lower my chances rather than raising.

Thanks in advance!