Hi, I am currently in the last year of my JD program. I will be graduating in May 2019. I really want to go to Yale for my LLM. I am not sure if I should even apply based on what I have right now. Below, please find my information and please let me know if I should even consider applying right now to Yale. Anyone with experiences/information, please provide suggestions. Any help will be appreciated.
1. I am an international student in the USA. I did my Bachelor in the USA in English Literature with GPA of 3.87 out of 4.0.
2. I am doing JD at US law school. It is an okay school. Not ranked, but is ABA accredited. I am in law review. I have GPA of 3.35 out of 4.0 right now.
3. While in law school I did internships at following:
Legal Services, District Attorney's Office, Juvenile Court, Human Rights Clinic at my law school. I am involved with 2-3 student organizations. I am also recipient of Public Interest Law Fellowship at my school.
4. After my undergrad, I worked for a year at Public High School working for refugee kids as a teaching assistant/paraprofessional.

Please let me know if I should even consider applying to Yale LLM right now for Fall 2019 section.

Thank you!