So I have read for a while different sites and came across LLM's that are self paced. This would be ideal for someone like me. Some days I feel like reading and writing and hey don't even sleep but other days I need to go out to the beach.

I know I don't learn like others so this is great for me. Some people, I know, think I have no structure. But why should I adopt if there is something out there for me. Kind of like relationships and finding "the one".

I am still searching for the correct program for me. I read about Hong Kong offering an LLM to students without a Law degree. And I even read somewhere in the N.Y bar posts about LLM's from the UK with no entry requirements.

Now. What is right for me? What is more convenient? Being home or studying while drinking a latte at a coffee shop.

I tried school the regular way an I can't do it. So you say my job perspectives are not good. So... I say I'll volunteer do pro bono work first and then go solo as a lawyer. My own practice.

And every day I like the idea more. Self paced, online, little requirements to enter LLM.

But I'll start after my Vegas trip!;)