At the moment I work in the financial industry without a bar admission. But I really need a break from work. So I planning to do a LLM.

My preferred location would be some sun and fun places, like Hawaii, Florida or California :) But also a nice city like New York or London would be ok for me.

The specialisation program on the fun places aren't really attracting me. No interest in a general LLM or much of this legal sills writing courses. I also not planning to do NY bar or anything like that.

I am Interested in banking and financial market law and financial and cyber crime. Special in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation, Instant P2P Payments and other technology stuff.

Anyone did some courses in that field or knows an university with specialised programs?
I found LLM FinTech Law at London East
Not really well known that uni? better normal LLM at LSE (banking law) or QMLU (banking and finance law)

thx in advance