Accessing the LLM page of the university is kind of difficult as the LLMs are listed under a different page known as the University of Vienna Postgraduate Centre. This appears to be some sort of a subsidiary created by the university. I believe this arrangement was made because unlike other masters degrees, LLMs are taught entirely in English and a high tuition fee is charged. What do you know about this so called "Postgraduate Centre" is it some sort of a college of U Vienna or is it an entirely different body from the university?

The link to LLM scholarship is not listed on the Postgraduate Centre's Law page but instead on the European and International Business Law LLM page, when you click on it it takes you to this page:

The page is entirely in German and the links to scholarship forms are not accessible. Has anyone received this scholarship here? What does it cover? What is the selection process like? Can international students get this award? And perhaps most importantly does the university still award this scholarship?

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