I've searched the forum for a similar topic but I couldn't find any. If I'm mistaken admin may refer me to the forum thread and remove this post.

Anyway, I'm looking towards doing an LLM in the US or UK (I'm a EU Citizen). I'm a little bit towards the older sider, but not ancient (I'll be 33 next year). However, I have a wife and two kids, a three and a half year old and a newborn. If I'm going abroad to do an LLM they would have to come along. Does anyone have experience doing an LLM with a family? Is it possible? How about access to family housing in i.e. Oxford, Cambridge, Boston, Ithaca or D.C.?

When searching the homepages of various universities you often find information targeted to "students with families" in the MBA programs, but rarely if ever in the LLM programs.

Any and all input is appreciated!