The fall term doesn't start before August and I'm pretty sure the epidemic will lose steam before then. It's almost 5 months away. I don't think it should impact incoming students in a way that we should have online classes.

I’m doing an internship in NY at the moment which ends in a month. I did not realize the extent of the pandemic to be completely honest and before I knew it my country had closed its borders. So I’m now working from home and have no idea what I will do when my internship ends as I have limited financial resources and cannot afford to just lounge around in a $1000/month room with no income and no family. The situation is very bad here and people are not taking it seriously. Just take a look at the number of cases and deaths in NYC alone and without the necessary precautions it will only get worse. I heard (but not sure) that this will go on until the end of 2020. Honestly I feel like nothing is being done. The governor said he will not oblige people to stay at home, he believes it’s okay to go out as long as people are practicing “social distancing”. Realistically that does not happen even if one wanted to. When I go to the local supermarket near my house people can’t help but bump into/walk close to each other because the aisles are so narrow. The mayor implemented a fine for groups of people walking outside together but aside from that...nothing. They are considering digging a mass grave to temporarily bury the dead for God’s sake!!! They even installed portable morgues in the street!! I don’t mean to scare anybody but this is really how it is here. I was going to go back to my country and come back in August but I think I will forget about my LLM this year and pray that I can be deferred to the next. I was looking forward to using my internship experience during my LLM and making more connections but I don’t think it will be the best year for that. I’m not going to pay full tuition only to have classes online, what’s the point?

Thanks for sharing your experience of what it's like in NY with us. I hope you can stay safe, it sounds very bad :(

Despite Columbia and NYU initially being my first two choices, the COVID-19 situation makes it increasingly likely that I will go to another university, since I doubt that NY will recover in time and I don't want to postpone my LLM a year or risk the LLM being just online classes.

It is a shame since Columbia and NYU have great programs and I'm not sure what to do or how to evaluate this new situation. It's so stressful to try to predict what will happen and to choose a program among all of this uncertainty.

Do you guys think that California and Washington will return to normal sooner than NYC? Or am I being unrealistic?