I am currently completing my civil law degree at a French Canadian university and will be called to the Bar in August coming up (Montreal, Quebec).

Upon completion, I am looking to pursue graduate studies in law (Juris Doctor/LLM) in order to practice abroad. I was thinking about pursuing studies in Asia as it is where I want to end up in life.

I have a 2.8/4.3 GPA and during my second year in law school, we had undergone a change in the rating system in which a GPA of 2.7 (initially B-) becomes B, the equivalent of 3.0. Therefore, my GPA should be seen as higher. I am eligible to pursue graduate programs at my University. I am assuming that it qualifies me in between a second class lower honors candidate and a second class higher honors candidate.

Does anyone have any comments on where and which program I should choose in order to open doors for me in my career? In case my grades aren't good enough, any tips on what I should do?

Much thanks,

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