As somebody who is currently pursuing a Master of Law degree at the University of Zurich, I would recommend that all prospective law students think twice before selecting UZH.

I would especially suggest that you do NOT go to UZH if:

1) You are neither a German speaker nor a German language student. As of Autumn 2021, this cannot be considered a bilingual university. Every now and then you will find untranslated information on the IT services;

2) You are used to university buildings and libraries offering fee-paying students a good number of workstations with up-to-date computers and a relatively peaceful and spacious environment;

3) You believe a faculty of law should come with its own campus rather than being a collection of inconspicuous buildings that are somewhat close to each other without actually sharing an address;

4) When having a look at their official website, you think there is something wrong with it looking like a Wordpad file, almost completely devoid of images and modern web design;

5) You are unsettled by the idea of a high cost of life which is not necessarily compensated by an above-average quality of life. Switzerland is not the land of bargains, no matter the context;

6) You think there is something wrong with staff asking for feedback for their courses before exams have taken the place, but not after;

7) You think that in 2021, a university should have a unified student portal offering at once information about the courses, the procedure to sign up for them and the relevant material for students who have signed up (currently, these three types of content are handled by three different websites).

I would not be able to tell you whether all public universities in Switzerland are similarly disappointing. What I do know is that my opinion of this country has been severely impacted by my negative experience with this university. The only silver lining is that I now understand how good the quality of my previous studies was in comparison.

[Edited by Carlyle95 on Dec 06, 2021]