So I'm in a bit of a bind as far as where to go at this point, and wanted to see what insight others have on these schools that I may not.

I've been accepted to a few different schools, declining my offer at IE in Madrid for International Business Law, and am currently deciding between the University of Reading, Cardiff University, and IELPO at the University of Barcelona. I also have to decide soon, seeing as Barcelona wants my decision by the 5th of May.

I'm a bit confused with the rankings between Cardiff and Reading, and this is what I want to have cleared up, before putting one above the other. Some rankings have Cardiff higher than Reading, but others have Reading higher. I've heard Reading is coming up the ladder, whereas Cardiff seems to have gone a little downhill (?)... So now I'm not sure which to expect a better ranking for. I know Cardiff has a longer history of being a well-known school, and Reading has better tables... Anyone have any advice or wisdom they mind sharing?

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