Hello All!
I'm currently in Law School in the USA...I will graduate in 2011 with a J.D. Degree and will be relocating to Germany, after I take the Bar-Exam in the USA, around August 2011 due to my husband's job. Since I cannot practice in Germany I've considered getting my LLM in Cologne and hopefully be able to get a job in academia (at a university) while we live in Germany (we may be there 2-5 years).
I speak German fluently so no problem there, but was wondering what the possibilities are for
(1) jobs at a university with having a J.D. from the USA and a LLM from Cologne.
(2) How hard is it to get into the LLM program
(3) When should I apply
(4) What is the approximate cost for an LLM in Cologne
(5) What's the difficulty level of the LLM there
Thanks in advance for helping me out:-)
Tan in NC - USA