Hello all,

This query is for me and a couple of my friends who have been admitted to the below mentioned programs. We are hoping to start a discussion here.

1. It would be really great if we could get some insight into the pros and cons of the following LLM degrees from Leiden especially from a non-EEA applicant perspective.

1. Advanced LLM in Civil and Commercial Law.
2. Advanced LLM Law and Digital Technologies.
3. Advanced LLM Air and Space law.

2. Also, please let us know how Gronningen, Erasmus School of Law and Utrecht compares with Leiden as a law school since we have been admitted into similar courses in these universities too.

Looking forward to some valuable guidance. :)

3. Also, lastly, if someone could throw some light on the employment prospects for non-EEA applicants also it would be great.

Any help from current applicants, students and alumni is much welcome!!