The 2023 WTI Summer Academy runs from 12 June until 28 July 2023 at its Bern, Switzerland campus or online. It is taught in English (US) and costs 1200 CHF (per week). You can take only one course (à la carte) or several. With a strong focus on climate change governance and sustainable development, this year’s courses include:

- Foundations of Trade Policy and Trade Policy Data (12-16 June)
- Econometric Analysis of Trade Policy (19-23 June)
- Input-Output and Applied General Equilibrium Models (26-30 June)
- Technical Barriers to Trade in Pursuit of Sustainable Development (3-7 July)
- Challenges to International Climate Governance (3-7 July)
- International Contracts Regarding Cross-Borders Trade and Investment (10-14 July)
- Non-Trade Concerns in International Trade: Public Health and Labour Standards (10-14 July)
- International Law and Policy Options for Climate Mitigation (17-21 July)
- International Investment Law and Sustainable Development (17-21 July)
- International Energy Law and Governance (24-28 July)
- Climate Change: International Intellectual Property Protection and Transfer of Technology (24-28 July)

Full course list:

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