I hope it is ok to ask for L.L.B. information here.
I am from Germany and 19 years old and I decided to make an international Bachelor in Law since in my home country most law degrees take many years and prepare for a career in national law.
So I looked for some affordable universities in Europe which offer an L.L.B. in english and came across the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, the University of Wroclaw, Poland and the Maastricht University, NL.

Maastricht may have the best reputation, but I think it may be very stressfull there with their problem based learning method and since there are many Germans I think it would be weird to sit in little classes where maybe half the amount is German and to discuss with them in English. Also I believe that they focus much on the EU and European relations, but I don't know that.

I also applied to the University of Cape Town, SA, but I think I can't pay the fees.

So, can anybody tell me something about the education, the student life, the language barrier, the cities itself or anything else of the universities in Tallinn and Wroclaw or Estonia and Poland ?

Would you say that the undergraduate university does matter if you want to do an L.L.M. later on ?
Or would you even chose an easy undergraduate university so you can get a good degree and be admitted to a very good L.L.M. programme ?

Any information would be great, thanks.