Review as a former student.

1. the university has no full-time faculty for the IP course or for IT course. Most of the lecturers are brought in from other universities. In some situation, the faculty are under-qualified.
2. Slow semester pace and basic course. The course is although termed to be LLM, however, the aspects covered in the course are fundamentals related to IP. The course is useless for someone who is interested in the specialization. The semester pace is very slow and the exams are very un-organized.
3. No support for the LIPIT/co-ordinators of the program. This is important for foreign students. The faculty coordinator gives no support w.r.t to university registration, city-related or other student-related issues. The emails are rarely responded after student admission but swiftly responded before admission. Thus, making the course directed to money-making reasons.
4. No German students, in this course. you will find the fact that zero number of German student take admission, as most German does not prefer the LLM program of Gottingen.
5. 16 Weeks for Master thesis evaluation after submission. A student once after the completion of the theory courses, must submit a master thesis. After the master thesis is submitted, the evaluation of this thesis requires 16 Weeks (12 weeks although stated), this is very inconvenient as taking up JOB and residence permit depend on passing certificate from University.

6. The faculty does not suggest, or support in the job or internship support system.

7. Conference. No conference or exchange program in faculty or program

8. Focus most on IT law and data protection elements and product/technology IP or related course hardly in the program. Thus, complete USELESS for Engineers, Scientist, Pharmacist, Lawyers (IP special), and Doctors.

9. Best course are limited to Unfair competition, Competition law, European basic law.

10. Will I recommend: NO. Suggest taking Dresden, MIPLC, Utrecht, CITIP or Queen Mary (UK).