I'm a legal councellor, working for Thai Government.
I plan to apply for EMIL (Erasmus Mundus), Swiss and DAAD scholarship for master degree.
My main Goal is to understand laws effects on economic and the other way round, so I can give legal opinion on drafts in this aspect.
Apart from public finance law, I am generally interesting in public law, especially administrative law.
Could any one give any advice for me in choosing my program?
Some years ago I used to study at Freiburg i. Br. for a Semester and also passed "Allg Staatslehre" exam. Therefore, I believe I am able to study study program offered in Germany.

One condition for me is that my Thai Bachelor is not accepted at some unis in swiss, such as Zuerich. Hence, I am consider Bern and Luzern now. I find Luzern documents and infos online as well as its web site are user-friendly and very useful for future student ^ ^

many thanks for any opinion!