Hi gentlemen and ladies:

Currently, I am planning to study Maritime Law(or any subject relevant with maritime) in Norway to expand my career opportunity abroad.

But it is tough to find and gather information enough as confined surrounding environment of me.

Majored in maritime transporation science and get a BSC in Business Management in 2007. Afterwards I work for major ship yard over 2 years usually dealing with guarantee claims of new delievered vessel in lieu of becoming a deck officer.

From the middle of 2010, becoming a Coast Guard officer.

Due to lack of funding, It seems that there is not any alternative option that is able to replace the choice of Norway sadly.

Is it the best option to take part in LLM Oslo Univ(althoguh it will be a lot tough to get a admission) to attempt for P&I club or shipping companines(broker and etc) or try to knock the door of NTNU(Marine Tech) or Vestfold(Maritime management) for MSC?

As all I know about the situation of foreign maritime industry is limited, it would be helpful for any kinds of your small interests.

Thanks in advance.