Hi all,

Just 3 quick questions regarding academic references; if anyone has any experience in any of the matters - your input would be very much appreciated!

1. Do academic references need to be 'tailored' to address the specific University/course being applied for? My concern is that I intend on applying to 5 or so different Universities, thus would be a bit of an ask to get a referee to sign off on 5 variants of the reference.

2. Does the date of a reference matter? Say I get a reference written today, for use in applications this time next year - do you think that is likely to dash my chances?

3. Academic referees who have moved on from the academic institution - i'm told i am not able to have the reference printed on the university's letterhead ( at which I studied under the lecturer). So it will effectively be a blank sheet of paper with an academic reference - do you think this would hold equal weight?

Thanks in advance