Hi Everyone

Most of students from Asia have 3 years of LL.B and I believe one needs minimum of 4 years of law education to qualify to sit for the NY Bar exam. My question:

1. Is it compulsory to do 1 year LL.M only from an American Law School or one can even do LL.M from a UK Law School (since the basic idea is having 4 years of law education before sitting for the NY Bar exam)?

I mean is it ok to do a LL.M from a UK Law School to appear for the NY Bar exam or should the Law School be necessarily accredited by American Bar Association thus a LL.M from a USA Law School becomes more or less compulsory? What is the exact rule in this regard?

2. Would doing a one year LPC course in UK after 3 years of LL.B qualify a person to sit for the NY Bar Exam ( as this makes 3 years of LL.B plus 1 year of LPC so 4 years in total). Some students may not be keen to do a LL.M and may prefer doing LPC instead of LL.M.

Feedback to these 2 questions would be highly appreciated.