Hi. I'm a fourth year student of law studying in one among the top law schools in India.

I'm interested in a LLM in Australia but am unsure of the entry requirements of the G8 universities and other univs such as La Trobe and Macquarie. Most of the universites list a minimum of I think 60% plus (first class).

However, my grades are a little low howering around 55% but have loads of other diplomas and courses that i have done. Would those make up for the low grades in law school? Which schools do I stand the best chance?

I am planning on the LLM soon after I graduate, so I will have pretty much no work experience except for the few internships that we undertake in law school. Will this factor of having no work experience edge me out from most universities?

I would also like to know the employment prospects in Australia after a LLM. I'm not interested in practising but am interested in getting employed by companies. How are the placements offered by the G8 universities and La Trobe and Macquarie?

Considering my grades I'm not really sure i would be able to make it to any of the G8's and hence am pinning my hopes on La Trobe and Macquarie. Please let me know the defintive entry requirements of the G8's and La Trobe? Do i stand a chance at all?

Please let me know on this.